• Become a leading construction company in the field of Industry
  • Become the top 5 Underground Treament Company using Grouting, Jet Grouting, PRD drilling …
  • Developing the brand of AnhuyHome for high-quality and aesthetic construction of civil housing.


  • An Huy Construction’s mission is to strive to bring construction solutions and services that meet SAFETY – PROGRESS – QUALITY – AESTHETIC to meet customers’ expectations.

Core Value:

  • Effort: With the slogan “Strive for a better tomorrow”, all Anhuy employees and employees are aware of daily efforts to improve themselves, perfect the organization from within. Conscious to the action.
  • Respect: Respect the government and the community, respect customers and shareholders, respect partners and employees.
  • Trust: Transparency and Honesty bring trust in all relationships, deal with colleagues, customers, partners.
  • Teamwork: Understanding the value of teamwork always brings success. Encourage, encourage and work towards common goals.
  • Safety: Provides a safe workplace for all stakeholders, neighborhoods and community, environmentally friendly


We want to aim for 04 items to increase and 01 item to decrease :

4 Items increase:

Increase the number of leads

Increase the number of leads to contract customers

Increase the number of customers returning to use Our services or referral Us with other partners

Increases the value of construction contracts

01 Item decrease:

Reducing unreasonable and wasteful costs during the construction process.