1. What is PRD technology?
PRD stands for Percussion – Rotary – Drilling.
So PRD technology can be described as creating a drill hole in a hard geological environment (rock) by the simultaneous use of a hammer head (bits) with artificial diamond particles that are both beating and rotating to crush the big rock in deep underground. On the other hand, during drilling, to guide and protect the wall of the hole from the collapse of soft rock layers in the upper layers, Casing will be added to the drilling hammer (Auger). The end of the pipe wall has diamond ring so that the process of turning the wall can cut the edge of the hole.

H2. PRD Driliing Process

The PRD drilling process must use the assistance of an air compressor system to bring the burrs up from deep ground. The number of air compressors in use depends on the geology of the drilling environment. If the geology is soft, less air compressors are needed, if hard geology requires more air compressors, drilling will be faster. Because, in addition to creating air pressure to blow powder from the bottom of the hole, the compressor also creates pressure to break the geological structure of the bottom and sides of the hole. If in hard geological environment, using more compressed air will have faster drilling speed. In contrast, if the geological environment is softer, if too many air compressors are used, in addition to pushing the humus from the bottom of the borehole up and out, the air pressure also breaks the geological structure into a borehole, collapsed the borehole.
2. Application of PRD technology
PRD technology is very widely applied to rock drilling, such as rock drilling, well drilling, anchor drilling, grouting with small bore diameter.
Currently, Anhuy Company has applied PRD drilling technology for jobs requiring large bore diameter D500- D1000. The creation of large bore diameters in hard geological environments such as bored piles for cement plants on limestone mountains, the work of drilling – pressing piles – grouting in the rock environment for the crank solution of the hydro project electricity. Gravity grouting in rock environment for crank of hydropower project.
Due to the ability to drill in hard rock environment, the fast drilling speed by combining Percusion  – Rotary – Drilling with air compressor has solved many Foundation Treatments for complex geology, especially for large boreholes.

H3. An Huy with Cofferdam Impervious
Project: Namlik1 Hydropower – Laos

H4. An Huy with Dowstream- Pre-Cofferdam
Project: Namthuen1 Hydropower  – Laos

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